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XB40 PowerSafe motokultivator

The XB40 two-wheel tractor has a gearbox with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds and a quick reverser to change the direction of travel, this enables operations to be performed with a broad range of ratios adapting to the different types of use. The differential with lock comes as standard fi tting. The driving columns is adjustable and reversible in order to use front and rear equipment. The drum brakes are controlled separately on the two wheels.

The engines available for this version are petrol-based: Honda GX390, 11 hp and a diesel: Yanmar LN100, 10 hp. Both engines are also available for the version with electric starter.
This tractor has been specifi cally designed to optimise the quality/price ratio. Versatility is still the primary feature of this XB40 version, as in all the PASQUALI two-wheel tractors, and valorises the product whether it is used for farming work or for landscape maintenance.
Motor Moč (kw/km) Gorivo Zagon Menjalnik Hitrost Vzvratno Zavore Diferencial
Honda GX390 8,2 / 11,2 bencin ročni / ele.
3 + 3 I - 1,26
II - 2,92
III - 4,30
IRM - 1,33
IIRM - 3,08
IIIRM - 4,53
DA DA zapora
7,5 / 10 disel 


The hydraulic clutch in an oil bath PowerSafe®, allows anyone to approach HB50 Plus sure that he can always use it safely, with the utmost performance and with the advantage of a cutting-edge technology, already used in the most advanced segment of the automotive.

Four are the principal characteristics of the new clutch:
1. Performance: benefiting from the full capabilities and versatility of the machine without jeopardising its lifespan.
2. Reliability: a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance or adjustment and a practically unlimited duration, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).
3. Security: immediate machine stopping due to an integrated automatic brake. The tool also stops upon release of the handlebar.
4. Comfort: elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting. The engine runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar. Controls are ergonomic with a soft, progressive clutch.
 Hydraulic clutch PowerSafe®

All PASQUALI machines with PowerSafe® are conformed to the requirements of new European Safety Standard 709/A4.

PowerSafe® two-wheel tractors can be used for numerous jobs apart from milling. The reversible design of the handlebar together with the performance of the power take-off allow all models to be used optimally, with tools positioned to the front or rear. This is proof of the extreme versatility of these machines.


ROTARY HOES: are the primary tool and have been created with a robust and reliable structure. They do not require any routine maintenance. Rotary hoes are available in various sizes in relation to the model and power of the machine that they are applied to.

CUTTER BARS: are available in several widths. They adapt to any type of cutting and any terrain due to the characteristics of their cutting apparatus. The following versions are available: Europa with traditional or spring-steel blade-holder without adjustment; traditional or Duplex fingers.

LAWN MOWERS: in 56 cm single blade version they are suggested as very reliable attachments for the grass cut in the gardens. They can be used with the grass box fitted or distributing the cut grass over the lawn without collection.

SNOW THROWER: Turbine or Blade snow throwers are functional tools used in bad weather emergencies.

SWEEPER: can be adjusted to various positions. The brush is made from special fibre bristles that allow the sweeper to be used outside of general cleaning situations and as a tool for clearing snow.

PLOUGHS AND FURROWER: are tailored for two-wheel tractors and are suited to use for specific ground-preparation jobs.

HEAVY DUTY MOWER BLADERUNNER: single-rotor with mobile blades, 60 and 75 cm versions are available and are designed for Heavy Duty upkeep of uncultivated terrain with bushes, shrubs and underbrush.

LAWN MOWERS: in 56 cm single blade version and the 100 cm. dual blade version they are suggested as very reliable attachments for the grass cut in the gardens. They can be used with the grass box fitted or distributing the cut grass over the lawn without collection.

80 CM SINGLE-BLADE HEAVY DUTY MOWER: high-performance tool with a reinforced structure that is recommended for the upkeep of rough terrain.
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